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Lindsey Jacobs

Hello! Thanks for checking out my fundraising page. Cancer has hit my family HARD. I hate it so much. Still gutted by the loss of my Dad and Aunt... my sister still fighting those evil tumours and recently my step-mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. WHAT THE HECK!? Nearly 1 out of every 2 Canadians will be diagnosed at some point during their life. With odds like that, nearly every family in Canada either will be, or already has been, touched by the disease. SCARY! I KNOW you feel this. My super fundraiser buddy John and I will be climbing the steps at Tim Horton’s field again on May 4th this year. We have to.

Will you make a donation and help us, help others? 


PS Always room on our Agents of Good team! I will throw in a free shirt if you join us for the 9am climb here in Hamilton!
PPS Come and see Emmett as the pig mascot! He's an amazing cheerleader! (Have you ever high-fived a pig?)

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Mel Jacob donated $25

"Well Done everyone'"

Fiona Anne Wilson donated $25

"You are amazing doing this every year! I just wish I could donate more! ❤️"

Andrew & Tammy Gray donated $25
Lamers Family donated $25

"Good luck Agents of good!"

Lori Andrew donated $25
Crown Point Candles donated $25
Maxiene Mcmillan donated $100
Todd Dowd donated $50
Rob J Howe donated $20
Chris Vollick donated $25
Rebs Lee donated $10
Cindy L Kilpatrick donated $100
Kathy Dyer donated $100
Judy Postma donated $200
Kevin Magee donated $100
Iain G Lowe donated $50
Elizabeth Becker donated $50

"Thanks for participating Lindsey!"

Jamie Dudgeon donated $50
Deann M Mcglinchey donated $25

"You’re a rockstar my friend! Cheers to you, and to our Dads who fought the fight!"

Deb L Lowther donated $25
Tara Lepp donated $50

"Happy Birthday Lindsey! Let's kick cancer's butt!"

Dawna Hayward donated $25

"Happy Birthday Lindsey!"

Jennifer Morley donated $100

"happy birthday Lindseroo "

Donna J. Lindell donated $20

"Happy Birthday Lindsey!! "

Aliza Klein donated $25

"GO LINDS!!!!! Keep on being the amazing champ you are! "