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F45 Hamilton Downtown

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Feed The Social donated $200

"Great work team!!! Good luck with the climb."

F45 Hamilton Downtown donated $265

"$5 from every April body scan!"

Ancaster Cardiology donated $500

"On behalf of Ancaster Cardiology "

Christina Pellegrini donated $25
Paula G Rilling donated $50
Georgina Rosenberg donated $25

"Way to go Justin!!!"

F45 Hamilton Downtown donated $100

"Protein Doughnut Donation Matching"

F45 Hamilton Downtown donated $170

"$5 from every March Body Scan "

F45 Hamilton Downtown donated $330

"50% March Late Cancel Fees"

Stephen Grieves donated $50
Alex Paton donated $25
Justin Baker donated $75

"Kettlebell Key Ring Member donations! "

The Laundry Design Works Inc. donated $25

"Great event for a great cause. Thanks for participating F45 Hamilton Downtown!"

Sameer Ansari donated $25


Dave Clayton donated $25
Amy Lafleur donated $25
Carolynne Paton donated $25

"Good luck Justin!"

Spencer J Barlow donated $50
Anonymous donated $100
Alan I Selby donated $50

"Go Bakes!"

Patricia Catallo donated $25
Johnathan Bald donated $200

"JB and Andy, love you both! Thanks for leading the way!"

James W Kitts donated $25
Nick Hultink donated $100

"$33 for Bakes $33 for Andy $34 for Bowser"

Justin Baker donated $40

"Money from the water bin. Thanks Team! "